We choose... from Her, Her, THE BEST!

Oh we choose
The way we'll remembered
No you will smoke me to ambers
Oh we choose
And not one got one
No you can't be denied
I think I think we could do anything
Our wings are broke but we'll keep on gliding
I think I think we could do anything
Our wings are broke but we'll keep on gliding
Oh we choose to be the one I am
And you can be denying
Oh we choose it's time to subside
I'm choose ?? oh no
I think I think we could do anything
Our wings are broke but we'll keep on gliding


This is nonsense
I will stop writing this,
is none senses
I will stop reading poems at night,
those basters bring me
new ideas,
those basters at night,
Please Agatha,
Agatha,, kill them all
in pieces,
in words,
not phrases,
the phrases can fight together against,
just stop them please.
only for tonight.

Communication at nights

You touched my skin,
I touched yours.
We said is not fair,
Our tears found each other,
We sad good bye,
It was a dream..
But we touched our skin...
Beautiful songs,
beautiful Tango...


I did not know how to love.. my Only love

You came to me
Like poetry in the song
Showing me
A new world of passion
Loving me
Without selfishness, without reason
More without knowing
What was love
I protected my heart
The sun went away
why me singing your song
He takes control of all emotions
If the fear stole my illusion
You came to me
I did not know how to love
why is this song alone ....


My choice! 
There are no coincidences
when you meet someone.
God sends us the right people.
The right people to meet, in the right time,
even if its for a second.
They have a purpose in our life, in our heart.
Everything happens for a reason,
all events,  all the music, all the sugar and salt.
I told you, you will find happiness
I told you, you will forget about us,
you said you Wont. 
ALL is temporary,
but not those feelings I have, still, and forever,
but  that,  that is now history, history on my mind.
I'm a coward,
because I was afraid, 
but then, then,
I never broke the promise I made,
I lied to you and told you I did,
I cried because I saw you sad,
I cried because was horrible feeling,,
I cried because it Worked quite well..
It was painful, lie it was. Disappointed...
And The reason, the reason was:
I will Be Away from Both,
I told you that, that's what I said,
And that's what I did. Painfully, it was.
And a Old story is..
The path is correct now, all is in the right place,
for the good, for the best,
for the worst in my case,
it was meant to be,, it was!
I never feel like I deserved HOME, 
although  I was always happy there,
But then again, and again,,
the eagles, the eagles, and the Eagles 
on my mind, the eagles,
they fly alone...
Im sorry for all.
But the true is when I was in home,
It was the BEST,  I was my self.
Only once in life you are in Home!
and I was,
Days never were so much cold and Nostalgic than today,
My always and forever loved FRIEND.


I'm in love

VI'm on love of you...
Not just love but in love....
You don't love me anymore but I do...
I know you are happy and
That's what i always wanted for you...
I put a mark on my bucket list for
Be in love...
And I didn't like it...
My therapist told me to move on
and try to forget the village..
That is not good to be alone and stay
At home...
Air will be good she said...
Only read makes you weak and vulnerable...
Go get some air...
Go out to have a life and friends...
Time is running and home will never come back...
She said...
But what can i say now ??
the books never lie...
Sooner or later you will embrace be in love...
Sooner or later you will feel pain...
Sooner or later you will forget...

I know we are nothing anymore...
I just want to let you know...
I have to and I will meet him again...

Song of today... true romance.. here we are are....


I have been fighting
Day and night with monsters...
Trying to find the path
To get to the Village, but
I never get close...
I can't find the way..
It seems imposible...
Is like trying to find
the end of the universe