Write like a writer... Yokomiel...

Write or not to write... that is the question.
Anticipation of the limits,
of a digital world.
I was there in the past,
and I will be there again...

Are you happy?, I asked, but
He never answered.
Do you want me to wait for you?
He never answered,
He hold her, he kiss her, she was mad,
I told her, we were talking about her beauty,
 I left,
but I was looking, staring at them from the skyscraper.,
leaving the flowers behind. 
I kiss his arm, but
no answered back.
I walked away, 
the stones came from the mountain,,
buried my nostalgic body,

Nobody would Understand.

What are you doing, I said to my self:

Living in a museum of torture. 

Song from the sky:


traveler 0429

In my lifeIi love you more...
our last song...


Blue room, a hole that can't be filled,

Happy happy day!!!
White and blue balloons,
Party time,,,


You think Heminway was happy?

Art is not created out of happiness my dear friend,

but I still love you and I always will, always in my heart.

By the way, I'm crazy,
I have been singing happy birthday songs to my
self all day long ...
Sadness exist!! 


I will change my decisions..

Please Forgive me,,
because I will never forgive my self,
I will never understand the way it is now,
and your absent...
I remember  in actions,
that not happen anymore
and time is my worst enemy,
Time I can't touch.


It feel like yesterday... like butterfly effect ..

and is over a year,
an in a beautiful month
she was born the 24,,
Her Kisses,
her back scratchs , lol.
her touch,
her smile,
lik a butterfly effect!


Feeling like The Moon.....

I love you in every move,
I love you every smile,
I choose to love who.
I can call you friend,
I can be around,
Just don't push me out!!!
Dancing my body, dancing body


Und wunder' dich nicht, wenn alles scheiße ist

Und wunder' dich nicht, wenn alles scheiße ist 

Und du mich vermisst

Und vielleicht hätte ich das auch nur ganz gern gesagt

Aber hab' es nicht

Eigentlich wollt' ich nur sagen ich hab' dir nicht verziehen

Man könnte sozusagen sagen ich bin krass bedient

Und ich versprech' dir, wenn wir uns das nächste Mal zufällig irgendwo sehen

Dann wird das richtig peinlich

Und überhaupt dieses sag doch auch mal was!

Ich sag doch dauernd was

Ich kann mich langsam selber nicht mehr hören..................

Tut immer noch weh, wenn ich von dir träume..... 
alles scheiße ist