Loneliness, Loneliness...................

You can't look at yourself
in the ocean.
Your looks fall apart
like tendrils of light.
Night on earth.

My soul's shadow
flees through a sunset of alphabets,
mist of books
and words.


Far away, and lonely.

Full moon, black pony,

olives against my saddle.

Though I know all the roadways

I’ll never get to Córdoba.

Through the breezes, through the valley,

red moon, black pony.

Death is looking at me

from the towers of Córdoba.

Ay, how long the road is!

Ay, my brave pony!

Ay, death is waiting for me,

before I get to Córdoba.


Far away, and lonely.
By Lorca

Song: Nantes by Beirut

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