I'm dizzy today, I don't know if is the black
coffee but i can't stop drinking at mornings and
at nights and everyday, and of course i'm not addict!!
Just to DIOR, nice!!! hahaha. Well i need to go out
of this city, I can't stand no go somewhere, i feel
i can't breath so the cure is my next stop, GUADALAJARA!!!
Yeah yeah!!! i will go on April 23th i guess because
i'm going to see my love Yann Tiersen again, and i can't
wait for that day, ho my God!, and guess what??
my bday is going to be awesome to!!! Im going to se
NORAH Jones!!! yuju!! so im very exited!!!
Meanwhile, i have to work!!!

Song for today,
Im just thinking on you (or something like that ha!)
Norah Jones

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