OktoberFest Night Run 2011

For the first time I went to Oktoberfest Night Run 2011 in Fort Bliss last night, we get there late, was sad,,,I did'nt have the chance to practices my few words of German with people there :(. This event encourage me to learn German, even though i love German Soccer Team since years ago!. The truth is I'm loving German Culture now. Any ways, the good thing of last night was that i saw my art work in all the t-shirts on the runners, red t-shirts this time , and to my surprise, i found a guy was wearing the last year t-shirt!!!!!!
That feels so good, even if nobody knows what is behind of those t-shirts!!!!!!!!!

video for today, one German Polka,,, loving German voices sound!!!!!!!!!

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Fabian said...

No more german for you! JMH! ( ´)>