German paradise... Cold water

For all those are happy,
and they have somebody to love,
with no conditions, with gross passion,
with care for each other,
so much love that you can't stop kissing and
kissing and kissing and kissing again,
more love than the happiness for the
Dior session release,,
more happy than a good  coffee taste,
more happy for a pair of shoes,
more happy for a good reading at night,
more happy for a new history podcast,
for the new song for Lana del Rey,
for Herbest, for green,
love, love, love something that
I cant find in Autumn nigh,
Im out of places, words are nothing
but nothing is impossible,
go and back,,
what you think can't happened ,
it could be so real, so real,
Wo kann ich fand die echte
Emotionen des Lebens,
Liebe und Leidenschaft??
Ich bin so traurig???

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