I have a feeling...

Was long time ago since i felt like today!
I feel like I still have a hope to be completely myself.
Words are more deep this time,
 and I've been into many tough stuff last months,
heavy stuff, and I think that made me more strong like I used to be,
tough Girl but cute one :),
 Being in a far far place,,,
 Beautiful city, walking at night,
feeling lonely but that doesn't matter,
 because the big lights of the city they are in your face,,
red lips, red shoes, root wine,
stop and feel the wind of the night in your hair,
 whispers, the city is in your feet,
all the people are laughing,
 lovers around the corner,
 women waiting for somebody gave them a free drink,
fancy jewelry,
sounds, sounds of the big city,
city of love, city of night,
but lonely in the city...


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