Yokomiel........ Don't fade Away!!!!!!!!!

I know I know, all is a patter, pattern,
and i wrote before about it,
i do not where but i did,
same way all the time, 
that is the way it supposed to be??
If the events happens in circle,, 
over and over again 
probably the answear is YES.
We are in a Matrix, finally :) lol,,
bur the weird thing is that just a few souls know that..
The good thing, 
I enjoyed the few single things about the
yes, was nice, a little bit of sadness 
but was nice, just a little bit.........

Song for today
Milla Jovovich,,
and yes it will fade away,
Because I want that,
it will be hurts 
 it will be worst
but is the end of the world,,
omg, I'm talking non sense lile all the time............

Oldies but goodies.....
No, don't fade away

Stepping over
Shadows from your smile
Losing Myself
In these waves of light

No, don't fade away, No, don't fade away

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