Yokomiel present: Words to remember: Mnemonic

Today was busy day like all the time,
I got home after work and I started to read a book,
How to build a better vocabulary by Maxwell
Nurngber and Morris Rosenblum.
And i Was thinking it would be nice to write also a
word of the day, like my video of the day, and
also I would like to add those words in German!!!!
So i will improve me English vocabulary and German
and also, why not in French too?? :).
Well let's start :)

Word of the day:
Mnemonic: (the m is silent) come to us  from the Greek root MNE, to REMEMBER.
                  one example that comes with this word could be:
                  amnesia, has lost memory, (a = No!)
                  It is kind of weird but looking the word Amnesty meaning is:
                  Forgetfulness; cessation of remembrance, but it also meaning:
                  A period during which offenders are exempt from punishment.
                  So , a government that offers amnesty is really saying -Let's forget it????
                  Interesting :).
Deutsch. Mnemonisch.
Song of the day:
Robots in Disguise,,, Mnemonic


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